Frictionless Plant Phenotyping From Drones

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Reduce Assessment Variability

Timely Results Delivery & Analytics

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Frictionless Phenotyping Experience

Access Frictionless Phenotyping From Drones In A High-Throughput Fashion

PhenoScale® is your go-to solution to transform drone data into valuable phenotypic information. All you have to do is acquire the data following our guidelines, upload it online and wait for the results to be delivered. Everything takes place in Cloverfield, our online data platform built for scale. Now phenotyping from drones is more accessible than ever thanks to PhenoScale®.

A Frictionless Experience All Along The Way

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Are Already Using It Worldwide

Discover A Few Metrics From The 2021 Campaign:

>1,500,000 Images Processed In 2021

>22,5M Data Points delivered

>20 Crops

>18 Countries

How PhenoScale Adds Value To Your Research Program?

Many Available In Production
To Help Understand Your Data
Easy Into Your Processes

Available For A Wide Diversity Of Plot Configurations...

...And For Various Crops

With Lots Of Traits Available In Production

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With PhenoScale

Book a meeting with us to discuss about your project and let us help you to select the best device depending on the traits you wish to obtain. Start by acquiring the data, then upload it to Cloverfield, and we will take care of the rest.

Hiphen Academy To Let You Train & Improve Your Drone Image Acquisition Skills

The Hiphen Academy is the first ever eLearning platform made to help you acquire research-grade phenotyping imagery from drones. Improve your drone pilot skills, enhance your crop knowledge and discover clients success stories in a condensed format at your own pace!

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